Gifted and Talented

Whoa, Gifted and Talented. That can sometimes be a charged phrase. There's been (and still remains to be) a lot of debate on the use of this term. Some believe it to be hindering while others think it is time to "own it" because it gives meaning to experience. Once you get to know me, you'll find that I welcome and enjoy exploring what it means to be Gifted and Talented. It can be helpful to search for and define the word, phrase, metaphor, and/or idea that best suits you within the safety and unlimitedness of our counseling and coaching sessions. For the context of this website, I fall back to the good 'ole "Gifted and Talented" label as that is one in which many people have some familiarity with. (For some exploratory reading on the subject of Gifted and Talented, scroll down the page.)

My passion with the gifted population is personal. As I mentioned in my bio, I grew up having been identified as Gifted and Talented at a pretty early age. My elementary years were a dream. Looking back, I really feel like my school did it right. Then, middle school. Ooh, tough. Thankfully, I had electives to express my creative and artistic side. I also had some amazing teachers through the years. However, throw in braces, glasses, acne, rigorous academics focused on tests and more tests...oh, and the woes of adolescence...well, you get the picture. The high-achiever in me kept me afloat during this time. I maintained high grades (something I felt established and affirmed my giftedness), but I doubted myself because the work didn't come as easily to me. Here's where the learning differences of the gifted showed themselves in full force. I learn through self-expression, one-on-one attention, encouragement and praise, etc etc etc. That was hard to come by in middle school, especially when it was mixed with normal teenage identity development. And then, high school. Eek! Pre-AP, AP, skipped grade level classes, all the extracurriculars, a mind and heart that wanted to "do all the things," friends and social life...the list goes on and on. I really thought that because I made some bad grades that I had lost my giftedness. I thought I was a joke and fraud. 

Okay, this is the point when I could keep going. There's plenty that I could share on the subject. Perhaps some of this resonates with you and perhaps your story is a different one. Through my personal experiences and academic studies, I've learned quite a lot about the common threads that gifted people have with one another as well as some of the unique characteristics and traits that represent what it means to be uniquely human. My approach with you is one of curiosity and collaboration. I am here to help you make big, giant, wonderful, scary-good, abundance-filled and life-changing leaps toward all the greatness you have ever wanted for yourself. 

Things we might work on together:

  • Fears, Worries & Anxiety

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-judgement & Self-criticism

  • Harnessing creative & intellectual potential

  • Having more JOY & LOVE in friendships and relationships

  • Finding your tribe

  • Self-awareness & Self-compassion

  • Achieving your BIG & BOLD dreams

  • Overexcitabilities

  • Issues of self-sabotage

  • Mindfulness for the busy brain

Articles and readings that you might be interested in:

*There are soooo many thought-provoking, intriguing and educational articles and websites. I can't even begin to share them all (or read them all!). If you have one you've found that you like, please share it with me!

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Visit for information about GirlTalk Therapy groups, teaching for individuals & groups, training for professionals and more!