Therapy & Coaching

Individual and Family Therapy for Kids and Teens

I work from a systems perspective, meaning I recognize that the client, or child/teen, is greatly impacted by his or her surrounding systems - family, school, church, social groups, etc. Being part of that system, the child is more likely to have success in his or her goals if parts of those systems are involved in therapy. Involvement of the systems can be achieved a number of ways, sometimes directly and other times more indirectly.

Family members are typically encouraged and asked to be a part of the therapy process. I may at times meet individually with a child or adolescent in order to establish and build a therapeutic relationship, but family members are generally involved in some degree. 

Therapy and Coaching for Adults

I generally meet with my adult clients individually, but I welcome family participation if we find during therapy that it might be helpful to the process and reaching the therapeutic goals. I've found myself to be particularly successful working with high-achieving, gifted women who struggle to find balance and harmony in their life due to struggles with self-criticism, anxiety and perfectionism (and who might not consider themselves gifted or creative!).  I also work well with action-oriented men who are searching to find more meaning and depth in their emotional lives. Whether or not these statements describe you, I encourage you to reach out to me and see if we may be a good fit! (Read a little more about my training and experience to get to know more about what I offer my clients.)

Parent Coaching

Many child and adolescent behavior problems and issues can be helped by a few parent coaching sessions. During these sessions, I meet with parents to discuss the presenting concern, set realistic and achievable goals, understand the child's motivations behind the presenting concern or behavior, collaborate on developmentally appropriate strategies for parenting, and then re-evaluate after those strategies have been set in place. 

Parent coaching is helpful for new parents, experienced parents, and parents in transition (either due to divorce, separation, or their child is entering a new developmental stage). 

Coaching sessions will generally focus on the current or present-day situations and troubles that are interfering with your family being happy and healthy. Sometimes parents find it helpful to dive a little deeper into their own backgrounds and history and how that affects them as a parent. At this point, individual and family therapy may be useful.

Visit for information about GirlTalk Therapy groups, teaching for individuals & groups, training for professionals and more!

Visit for information about GirlTalk Therapy groups, teaching for individuals & groups, training for professionals and more!